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  • CHF 99.00

    EXCLUSIVE PADELBAG DESIGN Designed for comfort and style. This padelbag is ideal for storing everything you need in a padel day. Side compartment for separate shoe storage. Provided with the internal and external pockets ideal for organizing your belongings. Special Racket Pocket with aluminum coating to prevent your racket from…

  • CHF 89.00

    EXCLUSIVE BACKPACK DESIGN With a sophisticated design, Cartri presents this great backpack, everyone who has it will be a great sportsman. Special aluminium coated pocket to prevent your paddle from suffering from sudden temperature changes. Measures High:  29 cm Width: 27 cm Depth:  48  cm 100% POLYESTER

  • CHF 70.00

    Red backpack to take what you need to your padel games. Padded model that adapts perfectly to your back with adjustment that will allow you to take it with total comfort. Special pocket with aluminum coating to prevent your racket suffers sudden changes in temperature. Measures Height: 22 cm Width:…

  • CHF 20.00

    Designed for your comfort and style. This little backpack that you can use to carry your keys, your money, phone with the best Cartri style. Measures Height: 15 cm Width: 8.5 cm Depth: 29 cm 100% Polyester